Strushkevich Natallia
Lead Scientist, Structural Biology, PhD

•  Expert in expression, purification, crystallization and characterization of CYPs

•  Functional studies of membrane and soluble proteins, molecular biology

•  In CYPs field since 1998, postdoc at University of Osaka (Japan) and University of Toronto (Canada)

•  7 years as project leader on human CYPs at Structure Genomic Consortium (Canada)

•  Co-author of 28 publications, 1 book chapter, 15 crystal structures of human CYP

Pascal George
Medicinal Chemistry, PhD

• Senior industrial scientific expert and adviser in drug discovery and development from target selection to preclinical and clinical candidate selection, including early program feasibility assessment, hit finding and screening strategies, H2L, biology in vitro and in vivo, multiparametric lead optimization, medicinal chemistry (Drug Discovery Tagakuteki Consulting).

• Co-inventor of 2 compounds, that reached the market  

• Autor/co-author of >80 publicationd and >100 patent applications 

Kliuchenovich Alexei

•  Background in medicine (intensive care), sales and entrepreneurship 

•  Experience in business launching and management, B2B commercialization 

•  Series of non-dilutive funding raised

•  Close-up of  venture investment deal