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Gilep Andrei
Director R&D, PhD

•  Postdoctoral training at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Tx (1998-2001)

•  More than 20 years in P450s research 

•  Expert in expression, purification characterization of hemeproteins

•  Broad experience in functional studies of enzymes and assay development

•  More than15 years in R&D project management, successful close-up of more than 10 R&D projects
•  More than 20 product development (including recombinant enzymes and IVDs)
Strushkevich Natallia
Lead Scientist, PhD

•  Postdoctoral training at University of Osaka (Japan) and University of Toronto (Canada)

•  7 years of experience as a successful project leader on human P450 at  SGC (Canada) 

•  Expert in expression, purification, crystallization and characterization of cytochrome P450s

•  Broad experience in functional studies of membrane and soluble proteins, molecular biologist with knowledge of a wide variety of techniques

•  15 crystal structures of human P450s deposited to PDB

Kliuchenovich Alexei

•  Experience 3 years as physician (intensive care), 3 years of management and 8 years of entrepreneurship

•  Professional (university) degree in medicine and economics/business administration

•  Successful experience in science commercialization