Strushkevich Natallia
Lead Scientist, Structural Biology, PhD

•  Expert in expression, purification, crystallization and characterization of CYPs

•  Functional studies of membrane and soluble proteins, molecular biology

•  In CYPs field since 1998, postdoc at University of Osaka (Japan) and University of Toronto (Canada)

•  7 years as project leader on human CYPs at Structure Genomic Consortium (Canada)

•  Co-author of 28 publications, 1 book chapter, 15 crystal structures of human CYP

Gilep Andrei
Biochemistry, PhD

• Expert in expression, purification and characterization of CYPs

• Functional studies and assays development

• In P450 field since 1997, postdoc at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas (Tx)

• Co-author of >50 publications

Kliuchenovich Alexei

•  Background in medicine (intensive care), sales and entrepreneurship 

•  Experience in business launching and management, B2B commercialization 

•  Series of non-dilutive funding raised

•  Close-up of  venture investment deal