StartUp Village 2016 winners


Target Medicals joined the ranks of the contest “StartUp Village” Winners

Every year, the fair of “StartUp Village”, organized by the Skolkovo Foundation and its partners, attracts thousands of participants. There are, among them, technological enterprisers, scientists, investors, experts, representatives of diplomatic corps, lovers of innovative inventions, and, of course, startup-companies demonstrating their unique projects.

This year the jury awarded the third place to the Target Medicals Company for the project of working out the innovative anti-tuberculous medicament. Since 2014, the biotechnological company ‘The Target Medicals’ has been busy creating a new generation of pharmaceutical products for medicine.

Alexei Kliuchenovich, the CEO of the company, noted on the course of research: «Today, we are on the stage of researching the so-called ‘hit compounds’, i.e. the molecules that will, to the maximum effect possible, affect medicines target which is basically intracellular protein of mycobacteria – infective agent of tuberculosis. The given protein belongs to the special group of ferments called cytochromes P450; almost all living organisms have them. Our scientists are experts of international standard in researching the role of cytochromes P450; recently they were able to discover that, with the help of these proteins, the mycobacteria of tuberculosis affect the local immune response of a human being in a special way, allowing the mycobacteria to remain invulnerable. The future medicine would be directed at blocking the very quality, and it would be a completely new class of medicaments».

In Skolkovo they highly appreciate the competence and prospects of Target Medicals’ team. «We are looking forward to the results of research program of our company, – underlined Camila Zarubina. – Besides, the portfolio of Target Medicals holds crystallized structures of cytochrome (CYP) of human being and more than 10 ferment medicaments of human being’s CYP to be used in pre-clinical research. This vast experience in the field of cytochromes and unique scientific results of the project give them considerable competitive advantages and there are high chances that they will be able to create medicaments of a new class: antituberculous, antihypertensive, anti-fungal and other pharmaceutical medicaments».

In his turn, Aleksei Kliuchenovich shared his impression of the innovative conference: «StartUp Village is a unique place where researchers could present their achievements to the wide circle of experts, indeed, it is very important for any high-tech startup to know the opinion of competent specialists in scientific and commercial spheres. It is necessary to have as many as possible objective appreciations of you project; it will help you to look critically at your work, to see its weak points and to direct all your efforts in the right direction. StartUp Village 2016 attracted experts of high class and we are happy to be highly appreciated by them – it means, we are on the right way. It is difficult to single out anybody from the participants, for all the projects are worthy of attention and went through a serious selection. The main thing is – not to rest on your laurels, for persistence and love for your work are, to my mind, the main qualities of an enterpriser who works in the innovative sphere».