Discovery Pipeline
  • aldosterone synthase inhibitors

    Aldosterone synthase inhibitor is a highly anticipated drug in cardio-metabolic therapy. We develop compounds that selectively inhibit synthesis of aldosterone for future use in therapy of drug-resistant arterial hypertension and non-genomiс effects of high aldosterone. We are the first to fulfill this gap by solving the crystal structure of aldosterone synthase in complex with substrate and inhibitor.

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  • novel anti-tuberculosis drug

    We’ve identified and validated a new targets – mycobacterial cytochromes P450, responsible for cell wall formation and depression of local immune response in human. This achievement is a basis for a drug discovery for treatment of resistant (MDR, XDR) forms of tuberculosis. 

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  • pipeline potential

    Cancer, infections, inflammation, chronic kidney disease are the examples of pipeline extension potential. 

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News and Events
11 February 2018
Intertational Aldosterone Conference
Our R&D Director is presenting on 43rd Meeting of the International Aldosterone Conference, which will take place in Chicago, March 15-16, 2018.
01 January 2018
2018 Biotech Showcase in San-Francisco, California
Target Medicals is invited to present on 2018 Biotech Showcase in San Francisco during JP Morgan week.
17 October 2017
StartUp Slam on BIO-Europe 2017
Target Medicals' subsiriary is a contestant of StartUp Slam, organised by Johnson & Johnson and EBD Group.
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